Neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin are used in medicine and dentistry for therapeutic and cosmetic treatment. The wide range of application of these products is due to their mechanism of action. They essentially block the message from the nerve telling the muscle to contract.

One unique use of neuromodulators in dentistry is in the treatment of bruxism or clenching and grinding. Injecting Botox or Xeomin into the masseter muscles, the large closer muscles that you feel in your cheeks when you clench, can reduce the intensity and frequency of their contraction. This ultimately can lessen the damage to teeth and gums. Masseter muscles injections can also provide symptomatic relief. This treatment may also last longer than cosmetic applications.

Neuromodulators have been used for cosmetic reasons for many years now. They reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles creating a smoother more relaxed appearance. It works best on lines that show when a muscle contracts. It is less effective in areas where wrinkles are present even without muscle contraction. It is beneficial to start treatment with neuromodulators at a younger age because the facial muscles will be contracting less over time and fewer wrinkles will form. Treatment with neuromodulators is not permanent. This is a benefit in that the treatment can be modified or adjusted to accomplish different results as preferences change and aging occurs. It does require repeat treatments to maintain the result.

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