iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero Element Digital Scanner is an exciting technology that produces a highly accurate three-dimensional image of a patient's dentition.  This replaces taking an impression so no more goopy material in your mouth!  We can use an iTero scan for crowns, implant-supported restorations, bridges, nightguards and Invisalign.

Do you want to see what Invisalign can do for you?  Ask us to scan your teeth and you can see a simulated outcome of what's possible.

If you just want to experience the technology of iTero, ask us to scan your teeth.  We'll store your digital impression so we can view it at a future visit.

Click on the video below for a short demonstration of the iTero Element.

iTero Element Patient Video - GP_hi

VELscope Vx

We use VELscope Vx to identify abnormalities in the mouth that can’t be seen visually.  The exam is very easy and enhances the oral cancer check that we have performed for years.  VELscope emits a safe blue light that causes tissues to fluoresce.  The special filter we look through allows us to see a contrast between normal and abnormal tissues.  We can even take a photograph through the VELscope and attach it to your chart to monitor any changes.  Generally, we recommend an annual VELscope exam for teenagers and adults.  Check out for more details and ask us more about it at your next visit.

Digital x-ray technology

All Smiles Dental Care has digital x-ray technology. There are many advantages to this technology.
  • Significant decrease in radiation compared to traditional x-rays. 
  • The ability to lighten, darken, or even sharpen the image assists in diagnosis.
  • Easy communication with specialists or dental plans if the need arises.
  • Dental radiographs are a simple, safe way to detect problems when they are small and clinically imperceptible. In most cases, it makes correction easier and less expensive.
The All Smiles Dental Care team is focussed on the prevention of problems before they start.

Laser Therapy

All Smiles Dental Care has a diode laser that has many applications beneficial to patients.  A laser can be used to promote faster healing of cold sores and canker sores in their early stages.  It can be used to remove excess gum tissue for functional or cosmetic reasons.  We can quickly and easily remove a questionable lesion for biopsy with a laser.  A laser can assist in obtaining a better impression for making a crown, bridge, veneer or inlay.  It can also be used in hygiene to decontaminate periodontal (gum) pockets around the teeth.  These are just a few examples of laser use.  Sometimes anaesthetic isn’t even needed.  Laser procedures can be done rapidly and accurately and may have fewer complications.